Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quick update on DDM fabric market

I received a comment from a reader about going to DDM and finding it closed. Based on the date of the comment, it sounded like she was there on a Friday. On this particular Friday I also happened to be at the fabric market so I know it wasn't closed. Maybe she got there in the evening? The Dong Dae Mun area is known for their 24/7 shopping but this excludes the fabric market. The only other day of the regular week the fabric market is closed is on Sundays (ask me how I know...). They also close earlier on Saturdays, most vendors start shutting down at 3PM.

The small parking lot to the east of the fabric complex is now under construction. The wall around this tiny area says a JW Marriott- Dong Dae Mun is being built. This will work out for me when I come to Seoul to visit in the future, but that is such a small parcel of land on which to build a hotel.
It was recently confirmed to me by a former garment industry insider that the DDM fabric complex is the largest textile market in the world. I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to get to know this place very well in the past year and a half. 

One other piece of news for fabricholics... Happy Quilt will be moving to another location in June. I will post more details to the location when I get more info. The new warehouse will be close to a subway station so hopefully it will be easier to get there using public transport than where they are now.

The last time I was at HQ I came back with a whole bolt of white linen. Yes my friends, an entire bolt. You were all wondering when this was finally going to happen, weren't you? I plan to make draperies for our new place in the US with this. It was *only* about 25 yards.... They actually ended up weighing the bolt to estimate the yardage for me. This is white linen we're talking about, if I run out of windows to cover I can always make a garment. (Wow, just move us to Europe to complete the modern day Von Trapp family picture.. minus all the kids ofcourse.)

Happy Quilt, I love you!
Nothing new or exciting are coming from my sewing corner. I need to finish the quilt top for the MIL and a couple of small projects before I pack up the machines. I've been finding myself knitting more than sewing lately. I am very much looking forward to having all of my notions, books and machines in one place when we get back to the states. By early summer I expect to have many projects to share. Hope you're all being more productive than I have been this month!

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  1. If that commenter was me (I'm pretty sure it was), I was there on a Saturday afternoon! Makes sense now! haha. Thanks for the help. We ended up going back on the Monday and got what I needed (and then some - swoon!)
    Good to know about Happy Quilt, I've just recently fell in love with that place!