Thursday, October 20, 2011

One present done... many more to go

My latest project is complete: a personalized, quilted checkers game board. I am still waiting for the buttons that will serve as the game pieces, my friend in Korea will send me something fabulous from Dong Dae Mun. 

This was my first time playing with the applique technique, I think it came out nicely. I had some grain line issues with the plaid fabric and originally quilted the game board with designs. Then I decided stitching in the ditch would be a more appropriate technique and had to take out all of the previously quilted threads. This left me with stitch holes that were especially visible on the lighter colored fabric. I just steam ironed the finished piece and a lot of the holes seemed to have fixed themselves. I was looking for an alternate method to washing the piece to fix the holes and I am quite satisfied with the ironing. I will be working on a couple of coordinating fabric baggies for the buttons and then this baby is done and ready for gift giving in December!