Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm finally a blogger!


I'm going to try this whole blogging thing out. I've stayed away because I didn't want to waste time typing and taking pictures when I could be at my sewing machine, but maybe someone out there can benefit from what I have to share. This blog will be devoted to sewing with an occasional post about food (I am a total foodie and love to cook/eat!!).

So... here we go!

I am starting to work on some shirts for DH this week, using McCalls 6044- the short sleeve version. I have a piece of 100% linen (Pantone 16-5533 is the closest match) from Vogue Fabrics that has been sitting in stash for about a year.

Pattern Review has their sewing for men contest next month; if this pattern goes well I will make some more shirts to enter into the competition in a couple of weeks. If I get my act together I might be able to make some casual slacks as well.

I have to compare a few more measurements on the pattern piece to a previous shirt I made for DH, but I think the medium size will work. I might have to do some length adjustments in the sleeves (for the long sleeve version) and the bodice, but overall DH is fairly easy to fit. Men and their lack of curves....

I'm waiting on a new cutting mat in the mail, it's a 36" x 60" Salem mat from Hancock Fabrics. It will fit well on a dining room table I've claimed as my sewing table. I recently switched from rotary cutters to tailor shears in the cutting process, still on the fence about which I like better. My big mistake was getting a pair of shears that are too big for my teeny hands- I can only get about half of the blades open. Oops. Lesson learned for next time.