Monday, October 25, 2010

My blogging drought is over!

I've been bad with regular postings on here, haven't I? Don't worry, you haven't missed much... I completed some projects shortly before I went to China back in September. I pumped out a dress, a skirt, and 3 shirts in 3 days before I left- I work extremely well under pressure.

I even managed to make a baby-size quilt for Sprout! I accidentally stepped on his tail and felt so guilty that I had to give him a gift. My friend Mary calls it Sprout's Guilt-Quilt. I quilted it myself on the 1600P- my quilting skills are nothing to gloat about that's for sure. But it is done, and he seems to like it.

I'm currently working on a modified version of McCall's 4728, the crochet needle holder. This project is a part of my Secre Santa gift to my exchange partner in our knitting group.  I won't post pictures of the items now in the spirit of secrecy, but I think the fabrics I chose suit her very well.