Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Quilt makes me HAPPY!

I've been back one full week from my SE Asia trip and today was the first opportunity for me to hit up Happy Quilt. To my *extremely* pleasant surprise I found the new Bryant Park collection from Khristian Howell in the stacks and stacks of fabric. I picked up all the prints I could find in my favorite color combination. I bought more than enough fabric for a king size quilt and some other smaller projects, I can't wait to use these fabrics! Also available were new Vera Bradley prints, my favorite is "Sittin' in a Tree".

Bryant Park collection

Sittin in a Tree

On the sewing projects front: I am going to re-focus my energy on perfecting some samples of pointed collar corners and sleeve plackets. I want to add to my portfolio and these smaller projects won't need too many sewing tools, which is a good thing because I need to start packing up for our move in May. Have I said how much I am going to miss living in Korea?

I still have one blog entry to write about my fabric shopping experience in Cambodia. Unfortunately being in Vietnam during Tet put a large damper on most of my shopping. China was kind of a big bust too but I knew the areas where I was staying were lackluster in the textile arena. I am trying to get to Shanghai/Hangzhou/Suzhou in April, I expect to be much luckier bringing silks from these areas back with me.


  1. Hi Ming, did not realize you had this blog. I'm trying to work up a list of Korean sewing blogs, so if you know of some others, please let me know!

    I've never been to Happy Quilt. What city is it in?

  2. Happy Quilt is in Pyongtaek, but they also have a vendor stand on the fifth floor of Dong Dae Mun. I can take you there when we meet up this week!