Sunday, December 5, 2010

Internal spending cap

Lately I've been un-interested in adding more fabric to my stash... I see really cute stuff but it's taking a lot more to push me to open the wallet and actually buy it. Prompted by a recent thread on Pattern Review asking what everyone has spent on fabric in 2010, I went into our extensive budget spreadsheets to do a tally.



That's even excluding other sewing items such as notions, patterns, magazines, books, and machines this year.

Do I feel guilty? No, not really.

Why? I don't have other luxuries and we live a relatively simple life without big extraneous expenses. We don't have debt and are financially responsible. Sewing is a productive and creative hobby and I really don't expect to be in the same spending arena once we return to the US. Guess I'm grabbing life by the reins and taking advantage of what's available to me here.

Have I mentioned lately how much I was going to miss Dong Dae Mun?

I am truly grateful to be able to live such a lucky life where I don't have to worry all the time about money. We're not well-off by any means, but being responsible with your money sure offers a lot of peace of mind and opportunities.


  1. Hi! Love the info on DDM--I always get lost there! I have a question I thought maybe you can answer--I've heard there are seamstresses at the fabric market for hire. I have some flat sheets I want made into fitted sheets and was hoping to find someone for the job. Do you know where these ladies are located? Thanks for taking the time to read this--happy sewing!-June

  2. June-
    The majority of the interior decorating seamstresses are in the basement in building C. I have not used any of them myself so I can't make any recommendations. If you speak Korean or have a friend who can help you, I would start your search there. I see quite a few women with their industrial machines zooming away down there so I am sure you can find someone competent! You'll have to let me know how it goes for you :)